Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Summer in Wisconsin....

The Yearly Epicnic
This is an event we always look forward to; the Epicnic has tons of family fun exhibits and activities, as well as a killer BBQ


Chase spent a good chunk of time trying to get the pigs to eat the straw at the petting zoo tent.

Here is to Eva almost 3months old! Love her!

Our second attempt at gardening

If you live in Wisconsin and you completely neglect your garden for two and a half weeks, no weeding or watering, this is what happens! The zucchinis begin to walk and talk and rule the universe!


Aleca Rose said...

oh so cute! she is adorable with that fun laugh :) nice job on the garden, who knew the secret was not to water them!

Tia said...

Andrea! I love watching the video of Eva. I can't wait to meet her! She's so adorable and is growing up so fast! Love you!

Charity said...

andrea. how in the world did i not know before today about your blog? holy cow. girl, i miss you! so so so much. would love an update on everything - email me! eva is beautiful. can't believe i haven't met chase or eva. tragic. i love you andrea! you'll always have a place in my heart!!!